Project Description

Owner: Westfield Development, Inc.
Contractor: Stateline Construction Co., Inc. 

When it comes to building a new 1,800 car parking deck at one of the country’s busiest malls, timing and logistics are vital. This project required demolition and replacement of an existing four-story parking garage with a new five-story, 1,800-space, precast garage and other associated site improvements. This construction, located near Neiman Marcus and the AMC Theatre, would interrupt ongoing business. Construction had to start in Early Spring and be completed by November.

Several mix designs, specially formulated through testing in our lab for this project, were approved for use. In the early stages of the foundation construction, our mix design, called T-Rapid 4000, which achieves 4000psi in 7 days, was necessary to place the precast superstructure elements in a faster timeframe. Also P-Strip 5000f, another newly engineered mix, was used along the perimeter washes and center strips in the precast superstructure replacing wire mesh. A substantial cost-savings for our client.

T-Rapid 4000 series:

  • Higher earlier strengths in 3-7 days
  • Strip forms sooner
  • Allow to place structural elements sooner
  • Increase speed of construction which saves money


P-Strip 5000f:

  • Increase durability and life cycle of concrete
  • No wire mesh needed along the washes and center strips
  • Easy to pump and finish